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Uptrends Compare Editions

Uptrends uptime monitoring

Web performance monitoring is critical to reduce costly downtime. You can select a minimum 2 or maximum 8 global checkpoints. All the checkpoints will visit your website or server randomly and attempt to access the service you have requested to be monitored by Uptrends and wait for a response. We offer you 2 different Uptrends editions for every need and budget. Our editions are based on the number of probes, frequency of monitoring and some unique features. For each Uptrends edition you can sign-up for a free 4 week trial or view an online demo.

The following table provides a brief overview of the editions available and the associated cost per month and year:

  Professional Enterprise
Probes in packageas needed as needed
Time between checks10 minutes 5 minutes
Checks per month4320 8640
Checkpoints worldwide8 8
Contactsunlimited unlimited
Online reports
Daily, weekly and monthly reports by e-mail
Historical dataunlimited unlimited
Saved log files90 days 90 days
SLA management 
Operations cockpit 
Alert escalation
Competition monitoring
SMS / text messaging alerts
Email alerts
RSS alerts
Instant Messaging alerts
User defined time-out
http, https, pop3, ping, match, connect and DNS
Online and telephone support
Monthly charge$ 22.62 $ 31.97
 £ 11,51 £ 16,27
 € 16,95 € 23,95
Yearly license fee 10% discount
 Free 4 week trial Free 4 week trial

Once you have signed up for an Uptrends trial account you will be able to create your own pricing with our pricing editor. The more probes you purchase the less we will charge you per probe.

Uptrends Professional Number of probes US $ pricing per probe GB £ pricing per probe Euro € pricing per probe
1 9.34 4.76 7.00
2-10 7.34 3.74 5.50
10-25 6.67 3.40 5.00
25 or more 6.45 3.28 4.83

OneStat Enterprise

Uptrends Enterprise Number of probes US $ pricing per probe GB £ pricing per probe Euro € pricing per probe
1 18.69 9.51 14.00
2-10 14.68 7.47 11.00
10-25 13.35 6.79 10.00
25 or more 12.88 6.56 9.65

pricing per month

Included are 20 SMS / text messages per month. You can add more SMS / text messages if you want. For each 20 SMS additional SMS / text messages we charge you $ 13.28, £ 6,76 or € 9,95.