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Reports & Control panel

Uptrends website and server monitoring - How it works

Web performance monitoring is critical to reduce costly downtime. You can select a minimum 2 or maximum 8 global checkpoints. All the checkpoints will visit your website or server randomly and attempt to access the service you have requested to be monitored by Uptrends and wait for a response.

If your service responds correctly to one of our global checkpoints it will report the service is properly working. If your service responds incorrectly to one of our checkpoints another checkpoint will attempt to access the service. If your service responds incorrectly to this checkpoint again it will report that the service is not properly working.

The Uptrends central database centre will immediately send an alert to the contacts you have configured by the control panel and inform you why it is not working properly. We can notify you by email, instant messaging or SMS / text messaging.

Alerts can be routed to different teams during off-duty hours such as evenings or weekends. You can even tailor who, how and when you or you co-workers will be notified. For instance you can select that the first alert will go to yourself and after a specific time to a co-worker. Or only SMS / text messaging alerts to the technical department and email reports to the marketing department or management. Each alert notification will include the local date and time, the reason for the failure and the website or server name. You can add unlimited contacts to your escalation settings.

If your service remains down additional alerts will be sent to remind your contacts that the service is not working properly.

Our checkpoints will continue to attempt your service to check if it is ok. As soon as the service responds correctly to this checkpoint it will report the service is working properly. Our central database centre will send an alert that the service is working properly.

The results are stored in our data archive. We keep your log files up to 90 days and there are no limitations regarding the historical data of your reports. Based on the data archive Uptrends provides you detailed online interactive reports about the loadtime, errors, resolve time and uptime which are based on web 2.0 technology. So your online reports will refresh automatically. Uptrends Enterprise even has an operations cockpit which automatically shows you the uptime status during the day. We can also automatically send you and your co-workers daily, weekly or monthly scheduled email reports.

Free 4 week trial

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