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Welcome to OneStat eBusiness the best on-demand e-business statistics service to measure and track online e-business actions and marketing campaigns!

Built for online website marketing & tracking sales and visitor behavior.

OneStat eBusiness is a professional on demand website analytics solution, delivering up-to-the-second insight into visitor behavior, online advertising conversions and sales. OneStat eBusiness is an advanced web site traffic counter and delivers three groundbreaking benefits that immediately enable companies to gain insight that drives site success and ROI:

  • Visitor Behavior: you can track in detail which pages are most requested, how your visitors navigate, from which countries / states or cities they come from, which search engines & phrases they use, how much time they spent on your site & pages and much more.

  • Advertising Conversions: you can track the ROI of your online advertising campaigns real-time! You can track search engine campaigns (organic & paid), banners, text links, email and affiliate campaigns. With OneStat eBusiness you can acquire more qualified visitors for the lowest cost, convert more visitors by understanding their behavior click-by-click, retain your most valuable customers and improve their online experience.
  • Online Sales: you can track the online sales of your shopping carts. Directly tie every sales dollar back to a campaign source to identify the activities that generate the most sales revenue.

With OneStat you can measure unlimited number of pages of your web site. It is password protected, no banners, invisible and competitive priced. OneStat Premium offers benefits such as:

  • Real-time web site traffic analysis
  • Continually added reports & software updates
  • No hardware required, OneStat hosts all the software for you
  • Scalable and secure web site analysis
  • No log files to process
  • Excellent customer support service & helpdesk
  • Available all over the world
  • Cost effective and up to 80 percent lower priced as our competitors.
  • Visitor tracking is based on IP number and cookies so you will get the most accurate numbers of visitors behind a firewall.
  • All reports are in your own regional time format such as 24 hours and am / pm

OneStat eBusiness: no log files, no servers, on demand web analytics, reliable, flat rate pricing and easy to implement.

Sign-up for a free 4 week trial and start to track your online advertising campaigns, sales and visitor behavior within 5 minutes. Click Here!


OneStat.com is the number one provider of real-time web site analysis software in the world. Our superior technology powers thousands of websites in different countries all over the world. With our accurate, detailed & reliable reports we will be able to answer all your questions about visitor behavior, online advertising and sales.

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