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The OneStat Premium has several unique advantages compared with the traditional log file analysis measurements:


Accurate Real-time Browser Based Measurement

OneStat.com has developed a much more accurate technology as the traditional log file analysis. It is browser based, doesn't require any hardware and provides next-generation measurements that are up to 100% more accurate than the log file analysis. Server log files measure activity at the server, rather than at the client. The server logs are unable to pick up information relating to both PC and RAM cache and proxy servers. Server logs will also count all users behind a firewall as one user. All of the above mean that server log files fundamentally undercount site traffic.


No Extra Harware Required

Because all the software which is required to measure your website is remotely hosted on the reliable OneStat.com servers, you don't need to buy extra servers like you have to do with traditional log file analysis. Even if you host your website at a hosting company you can easy use the OneStat.com services.


Third Party Independent

OneStat.com is a completely objective third party measurement source. Since the data is coming from an independent source, your customers and partners can be entirely confident that it is accurate and objective.


Continually Added Real-time Reports & Software Updates

OneStat.com will continually add new real-time website analysis reports on a regular basis. This is all included in our services. This way you will be able to view the latest and next-generation reports regarding visitor behaviour of your website at no extra fees and personal involvement.

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