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Get better online results with real-time web analytics. A market leader with more than 75,000 customers in 100 countries is a leading and global provider of real-time web analytics solutions, delivered to customers through hosted, on demand services without costly investments in IT infrastructure.

Onestat's market leadership has been demonstrated over the past 6 years as we have helped some of today's largest online businesses and websites like HP, FuijFilm, Thomas Cook, Cornell University, MIT, Dunlop, TUI, CBS,, Trump, and the Emmy Awards. OneStat has more than 75,000 customers across 100 countries. Also, as an online marketer or webmaster, you can benefit from our real-time and independent web analytics services!

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Improve visitor experience, online sales and ROI of online marketing campaigns

Improve visitor experience. With OneStat web analytics you can easily improve the online visitor experience. Our unique and state of the art clickpath analysis reports allows you to visualize and understand the flow of traffic through the site. Of course we also show you detailed information about:

- Track real-time unique visitors
- Detailed page-views, visits and visitor reports
- Visitor behavior reports
- In-depth search engines and term analysis
- Detailed referrer reports
- Country, state, city reports
- Company / ISP reports

Increase leads and online sales. Our ecommerce reports will show you the performance of your online sales and registration pages, allow you to analyze the effectiveness of critical processes and improve it based on facts.

Improve ROI of marketing campaigns. Track performance of paid or organic search, email, banners and affiliate marketing campaigns to improve the ROI of your marketing budget. Click fraud detection is included and part of the marketing reports.

Ease of use. Share insights across your organization

OneStat can track every website including websites for mobile devices. OneStat has an interactive and pleasant interface which will help you to provide the data you want and need. OneStat is developed with extensive user feedback and the input of industry marketers and consultants. All our reports are based on web 2.0 technology so you can easily drill-down for detailed information or compare time periods with each other.

You can also share insight across your organization with OneStat. We can automatically send you, your co-workers or management scheduled email reports in PDF or HTML. You can export and download all the reports into Excel and PDF.

Independent third party and click fraud detection

OneStat is an independent third party solution and provides reliable information about your visitors, transactions and online marketing campaigns. The results are not biased because we are not part of an advertising network. Because we are an independent third party we provide detailed reports about click fraud which will to increase the ROI of pay per click campaigns.

Free Customer support included

We provide free customer support and will try to answer your questions to the best of our ability.

Different versions for every need and budget

OneStat offers different web analytics services for every budget and need:

Feature Pro Premium Adworks eBusiness
Visitor behavior Standard Professional Professional Advanced
Visitor drill-down
Search engines  
eCommerce & Leads    
Online marketing    
Click fraud detection    
Reports by email
Export reports
      Dashboards Dashboards
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