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OneStat provides excellent customer support, each customer will get a dedicated web consultant.


At OneStat everything is geared to satisfying our customers. You can expect a great deal from our service, which is extensive and personal. Whether it concerns support, training or application of OneStat Platinum, we will be there to train and to help you.


A key component of every serious business strategy is knowledgeable and responsive technical support. Each customer of OneStat Platinum will get a dedicated web consultant who is your contact at OneStat. They will happily tell you more about the possibilities of OneStat and are always interested in your opinions about OneStat Platinum and your suggestions.


OneStat provide OneStat Platinum customers training, telephone support, email support, notification service and a quarterly technical product newsletter, along with all product upgrades / updates.


Implementation Support - as soon as you have registered for the OneStat Platinum service, we will help you with implementing the OneStat script and advice you which is the best way to implement regarding your site or CMS. In case of local installation, one of our certified programmers will assist you.


Training - OneStat Platinum has been designed so that even new users can create a report with one click. However, we will train all our customers how to interpret your statistics worldwide. We will also provide you a detailed manual of our service. This will help you to improve the effectiveness of your site and to optimize your marketing ROI.


Helpdesk - in case of interpretation of our reports, suggestions, highly complex technical questions you can always contact your dedicated web consultant or our helpdesk.


Product Maintenance - because OneStat.com is an Application Service Provider, we will host all the software remotely for you. This has many advantages such as automatically upgrades, no IT resources needed and that all your data is safely stored and inaccessible to anyone without authorisation.


Tailor Made Solutions - if you have specific needs and want to know more about your visitors and marketing ROI provided by standard OneStat Platinum reports, OneStat.com can develop tailor made solutions for you. Please contact one of our web consultants and click on the contact link for contact information.

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