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OneStat Platinum's reports are conveniently grouped by categories, including thousands interactive report combinations to complement the individual needs of online businesses.


Our detailed interactive reports will provide you a precise answer on each question you have to improve your web site, optimize your marketing ROI or customer support initiatives. OneStat Platinum offers enterprises dozens of interactive reports about web site visitor activity and it offers a wealth of insight you can leverage to improve and enhance the effectiveness of your online and offline marketing initiatives.


The main extra features of the OneStat Enterprise are the report builder, access management and email manager. The OneStat Platinum does not have these features.


 Feature Sample Reports Enterprise Platinum
 OneStat Navigator      
Select reports with an instant click  
 Report Builder      
Create your own reports    
 Access Management      
Define who will have access to which reports    
 E-mail Manager      
Create your own reports and email it in different formats   Standard E-mail Reports

Sample Report


In selected period

Sample Report
Average per hour Sample Report
Average per weekday Sample Report
Pageviews per directory  
In selected period  
Average per hour  
Average per weekday  
Visits per directory  
Visitors in period  
First-time visitors  
Returning visitors  
First-time vs returning visitors

Sample Report

Last 100 visitors  
Visitor Segmentation, segment your visitors into particular groups. More than 300 reports available.

Sample Report

Most requested pages  
Most requested directories  
Most requested sections  
Click path analysis

 Sample Report

Entry pages  
Exit pages  
Time spent on site

Sample Report

Time spent on page  
Single access pages  
Page click depth  
Click paths to a page  
Click paths from a page  
ISPs & organizations  
 Search engines & Referrer      
Organic search results  
Paid search results  
Top search engines  
Top keywords  
Top search phrases  
Top keywords by search engine  
Top search phrases by search engine  
Search engines by phrase  
Search engines in period  
Search engine landing pages  
Search engine spiders  
Top referring domain click paths  
Top referring URLs click paths  
Operating systems  
Operating systems detailed  
Browsers detailed  
Color palettes  
Screen resolutions  
Commerce Summary  
Latest transactions  
Transactions in period  
Revenue in period  
Revenue by action  
Revenue by product  
Revenue by product group  
Commerce behavior unique customers  
Commerce behavior first time customers  
Commerce behavior repeat customers  
Commerce behavior first time vs repeat customers  
Commerce behavior average order size  
Scenario analysis, analyze for example where you visitors leave in which stage your online forms  
 Marketing  Campaigns      
Conversion by campaign  
Campaign ROI  
Conversion by search engine  
Conversion by search phrase  
Conversionby search phrase / engine  
Conversion by referrer domain  
Conversion by referrer URL  
Conversion by country  
Conversion by entry page  
Scenario analysis conversions  
Clicks in period (click in / out)  
Clicks breakdown  
Click-in click paths  
Banner clicks in period (click in /  out)  
Banners breakdown  
Banner click in click paths  
Campaigns in period  
Campaigns breakdown  
Campaigns click paths  
 Click Fraud Detection      
Click fraud summary  
Click fraud in period  
Click fraud overview by campaign  
Click fraud by country  
Click fraud details  
Threat level  
Marketing campaign conversions including and excluding fraudulent clicks  
Click fraud e-mail reports  
 Trend Analysis      
View data over time to identify significant trends. More than 300 reports available.

Sample Report

 Time Reports      
Standard time reports (50 time periods available)


Specific time reports (choose the precise time period you want)  
 Extra Features      
Measures HTML e-mail campaigns  
Including 24 hour support  
Export data to Microsoft Excel  
One click print button  
Tracks WAP pages  
Regional time format  
Visitors tracked behind firewall  
Account cockpit (overview for several accounts)  
Tracks secured pages (SSL)  


All the reports can be selected based on:


Standard Time  Periods Reports

You can select each report based on today, yesterday, 1 day, 1 week, 4 weeks, 1 month, 1 year, this week, this month, this quarter, this year, last week, last month, last 30 days, last 60 days, last 90 days, last year, last 2 years, 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter, 4th quarter and last quarter.


Above time reports can be divided into several time slices for each report: hours, days, weeks & months.


Specific Time Ranges Reports

With specific time ranges, you not only see the data for the precise dates you select, but you also select the time slice.


With specific time ranges reports, you can view each report in the following time slices: days, weeks & months.


Tailor-made Solutions - if you have specific needs and want to know more about your visitors and marketing ROI provided by standard OneStat Enterprise reports, OneStat.com can develop tailor made solutions for you. Please contact one of our web consultants and click on the contact link for contact information.



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Select every period you want with standard time & specific time reports

Clear interactive 3D charts

Identify and segment specific groups of visitors

Measure the marketing ROI of your advertising campaigns

View data over time to identify significant trends

See where your visitors are getting frustrated and not finding the information they are looking for


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