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Our business benefits can be broken down into 4 areas:

  1. Marketing & Sales Benefits:

    • Measure Marketing ROI: OneStat Platinum provides you a detailed overview of your online and offline campaigns about search engine optimalisation, purchase of keywords, tv & radio commercials commercials, online banner campaigns, purchase of promotion links, affiliates and more. All the marketing reports are real-time so you make fast decisions about to continue with an advertising campaign or to stop with it.

    • Provide accurate numbers to advertisers: because OneStat Platinum collects visitor information remotely at the browser level, OneStat doesn't count false hits created by robots and spiders, nor does it count meta refresh URL redirects. And, unlike traditional advertising software, OneStat does count legitimate page views served out of cache or by proxy servers. This guarantees an accurate count of pageviews.

    • Better target your marketing efforts: OneStat Platinum shows you which visitors groups are most likely to convert into customers.


  2. Information Technology Benefits:

    • No hardware like servers required:

      Because all the software which is required to measure your website is remotely hosted on the reliable OneStat.com servers, you don't need to buy extra servers like you have to do with traditional log file analysis. Even if you host your website at a hosting company you can easy use the OneStat.com services. 

    • Accurate real-time measurements: OneStat.com has developed a much more accurate technology as the traditional log file analysis. It is browser based, doesn't require any hardware and provides next-generation measurements that are up to 100% more accurate than the log file analysis. Server log files measure activity at the server, rather than at the client. The server logs are unable to pick up information relating to both PC and RAM cache and proxy servers. Server logs will also count all users behind a firewall as one user. All of the above mean that server log files fundamentally undercount site traffic.

    • Better serve your marketing department: make it easier for your marketing department to access their real-time reports and provide them detailed reports with just one click instead of crunching traditional log files.

    • Easy to implement: as soon as you have registered for the OneStat Platinum you can start measuring your web site. If necessary, our implementation consultants will assist you with the implementation of the OneStat script.


  3. Customer Support Benefits:

    • Improve the effeciency of your online customer support center: if you improve your online support you can reduce significantly your offline costs. With OneStat Platinum you get a better understanding of what sort of support information  your visitors are looking for.

    • Diagnose Problems: A lot of traffic to a specific support page regarding a service or product might indicate that your customers have a problem with this product or service.


  4. Executive Benefits:

    • Essential information for internet strategy: from marketing campaigns to web site optimalisation to customer support, OneStat Platinum provides you with the insight your business needs to advance.

    • Maximize your company's ROI in the internet: OneStat Platinum shows you if money and employees are being focused on the right content, products and marketing initiatives. OneStat Platinum delivers a global view of the performance of your company's investments in internet projects.

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