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New OneStat Version

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The new OneStat Web Analytics.
New interface, user friendly and more details

We have launched the new OneStat web analytics and we would like to inform you about the improvements and main changes. The new OneStat version is developed with extensive user feedback and the input of industry marketers and consultants.

You will be able to view your reports real-time, find specific pages easier, compare time periods and sort data. A new feature is event management, where you can add an event to your reports. Our OneStat Enterprise and Platinum customers have now got access to unlimited data!

The main improvements and changes:

New interface.

We have introduced a complete new interface based on web 2.0 technology. It is faster, more user friendly and you can easily drill-down for detailed information or compare time periods with each other.


OneStat Adworks, eBusiness, Platinum and Enterprise have got a dashboard where you can view the most important facts of your website such as visitor behavior, ecommerce, geography and traffic sources.

Sort data or view more data.

Of each table you can sort data based on popularity or alphabetical order. You will be able to view more data. Customers of the Platinum and Enterprise edition have even got access to unlimited data.

Find a specific page or directory.

You can go to pageviews, visits, visitors or most visited directories to find a specific URL or directory. Just fill in a part or the complete URL / directory and the correct URL/ directory will appear. The directory feature is only available in the Platinum and Enterprise edition.

Compare time periods.

You can also compare time periods with each other to identify trends. This way you can see if the number of pageviews, visitors, sales or conversions have improved compared to another time period.

Event Management.

With event management you can see the reason why you had more pageviews, visitors, leads or revenue for a specific period. You can easily add it to the reports. This way you can see if your have had more visitors or sales due to a press release, online marketing campaign or newsletter.

Export and email reports

We have improved how you can export reports to Excel. A new feature is export to PDF. You can now easily email each report in PDF as well. You will receive the weekly and monthly reports in PDF format.

Pageview overview report.

Another new feature we have introduced is the pageview overview report. This report provides you more detailed information about the pages of your website such as pageviews, visits, visitors, first visits and if it is used as an entry page. You can use the filter at the bottom. Fill in a word of the URL or title that you want to appear in the report.

New account cockpit feature.

If you have more OneStat accounts to track your websites with, you can use the account cockpit if you click on settings. This way you only need to login with one account ID and get a complete overview of all your accounts with the number of pageviews, visitors, transactions and revenue. We have introduced a new feature so you can easily switch between accounts when you view a report.


We hope that you find the updates interesting and will use them to improve the visitor experience, online sales and conversions of your website. If you have any suggestions or experience difficulties with the new features, please do not hesitate to contact us.