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H. Time periods

Measure your web site with OneStat and get the most detailed information about visitor behavior in 50 periods time slices. You can also select the data for the precise dates you want with the calendar or with the custom date selection (not available in OneStat Pro). You can view the specific time periods when you select custom in the pull down menu. All the reports can be selected on:

Standard time periods

  •  Today
  •  Yesterday
  •  1 Day
  •  1 Week
  •  4 Weeks
  •  1 Month
  •  1 Year
  •  This week
  •  This month
  •  This quarter
  •  This year
  •  Last week
  •   Last Month
  •   Last 12 months
  •   Last 24 months
  •   Last 30 days
  •   Last 60 days
  •   Last 90 days
  •   Last 180 days
  •   Last year
  •   Last 2 years
  •   1st Quarter
  •   2nd Quarter
  •   3rd Quarter
  •   4th Quarter
  •   Last quarter

Above time periods can be divided into several time slices for each report

  •   Hours
  •   Days
  •   Weeks
  •   Months

Specific time periods: With specific time ranges reports, you will be able to select the data for the precise dates you want.

With specific time range reports you can view each report in the following time slices:

  •   Days
  •   Weeks
  •   Months

Compare time periods

With OneStat you can also compare time periods with each other to identify trends. In the calendar there is one time period compare button. Depending on the time period you have selected you can choose with which time period you want to compare it.