Developed for online marketers, webmasters and executives.

No hardware required - Real-time - Easy to implement - Independent third party.

OneStat Enterprise

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I had no idea how visitors arrived on my website. OneStat helps me to improve my SEO-strategy!

OneStat Platinum and Enterprise.
Developed for online marketers, webmasters and executives.

Click here for a free 4 week trial account

Real-time web analytics

OneStat provides real-time and live web analytics. This means that you do dot need to wait before the data has been updated. It is current, up to date and usable immediately. Explore visitor behavior live on a real-time graphical interface.

Real-time information allows you to instantly see and manage your website traffic information. Data that is perpetually updated in real-time offers a distinct advantage for business usage. You can take immediately action and do not have to wait for 24 hours to see how your website or online campaigns perform. In case of click fraud you can immediately take action and stop your PPC campaigns so you do not pay for clicks that do not count. Serious businesses can not afford to miss out on the advantages of literal on-demand real-time data, live and always available.

Visitor experience

With OneStat Enterprise and Platinum you can easily analyze and improve the online visitor experience so your visitors can find the content or order the products they are looking for. Our unique and state of the art clickpath analysis reports allows organizations to visualize and understand the flow traffic through the site. We also show you which pages are most visited, how long they are viewed, what the popular entry or exit pages are, the bounce rates, where visitors drop-off and other detailed information.

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