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OneStat Enterprise

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I had no idea how visitors arrived on my website. OneStat helps me to improve my SEO-strategy!

OneStat Platinum and Enterprise.
Share insight across your organization, time periods and event management.

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Share insight across your organization

Share insight across your organization with OneStat. We can automatically send you, your co-workers or management scheduled email reports in PDF, Excel, CSV, TXT or HTML. You can also send easily each individual report to a co-worker or management. We also offer access management for multiple users and a report builder to create tailor made reports.

Send individual email reportsExport reports to PDFAccess ManagementCreate your own email reports

Time periods

You can select every time period you want. We provide standard and specific time periods. You can also compare time periods with each other to identify trends about visitor behavior, sales and online marketing campaigns. All reports are presented in your own regional time format.

Compare time periodsStandard time periodsSpecific time periods

Event Management

With event management you can see the reason why you had more pageviews, visitors, leads or revenue for a specific period.

Event managementAdd a new event