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All our services are run on the OneStat.com infrastructure. The OneStat.com infrastructure has been designed to deliver the maximum levels of performance, reliability, availability, scalability and security to our customers world wide.

Our system was designed to give optimal performance and high availability for a very large number of accounts. At every design decision, performance and high availability has always been the number one reason to implement a feature. The system is scaled to support more than hundred thousands accounts and millions of hits a day.

OneStat.com is partnering with premier suppliers of hardware, software and infrastructure. Our servers are hosted at GlobalSwitch, one of the largest and advanced datacentres available and connected directly with the internet.

Uptrends.com website and server monitoring monitors our operations and servers 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. Uptrends is one of the most advanced providers for remote website, network and server monitoring services.

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