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OneStat advanced web analytics. Developed for online marketers, webmasters and executives. Improve visitor experience, online sales and ROI of marketing campaigns. Ease of use. Share insights across your organization.

The essential web analytics solution for marketers and webmasters to track visitor behavior, search engines, online sales and marketing campaigns. Independent 3rd party and click fraud detection. Different versions for every budget. Including free customer support.

Reduce costly downtime. Don't lose visitors and customers. Our Uptrends worldwide checkpoints will monitor your website, network and services from around the globe. Alerts by SMS / text messages/ RSS, IM or email.

Free hit counter to track one or more pages
of your website, weblog or homepage.
The perfect hit counter for every webmaster!
More info    Sign-up   The Charts Testimonials is an active member of the Web Analytics Association to help improve the quality of web analytics solutions. Click here for more information. provider of real-time web analytics, website monitoring and website statistics. is a provider of real-time web analytics and website statistics software. More than 75.000 companies worldwide use our web site statistics or the free hit counter. Our web site traffic analysis software is available for each webmaster who wants to track or monitor a website. Our website analytics has become the trusted standard in website statistics for online businesses. Also our free hit counter and web analytic service has been tested as the best free tracker. We have developed website analytics software that is more accurate than log file analysis. Our web site tracking software will help each webmaster to optimize their website, online marketing campaigns and get more visitors from search engines. OneStat Enterprise is a new approach to web analytics and the best web metrics solution for web sites. OneStat Platinum provides reports about pageviews, visitors, navigation, search engine reports,web site statistics, ecommerce tracking and online marketing campaigns. OneStat eBusiness is an excellent web traffic analysis solution for small businesses, OneStat Premium is a great service to track seach engines, OneStat AdWorks will help you with optimize your search engine marketing / SEO ans PPC marketing campaigns and to detect click fraud. OneStat Basic is a free website counter and free tracker. is a member of the web analytics association to help improve the quality of website statistics and web stats providers. is the leading provider for website monitoring, server monitoring and site monitoring services. With Uptrends you can monitor website and uptime. Reduce downtime and maximize uptime. If you monitor your website, network or server you will get more web site visitors. If you use our website monitoring and server monitoring services you will receive alerts so you can minimize downtime. We will monitor your website, network or server from around the globe. Uptrends is the best way to monitor your site and servers. If you want to track visitor behavior, pageviews, commerce and conversions you can use OneStat web analytics. If you want just a free counter and less detailed reports you can use OneStat Basic hit counter. If you want remote website monitoring, server monitoring or network monitoring you can use Uptrends. OneStat has customers in more than 100 countries that use our web metrics to improve the visitor experience and increase marketing conversions. Website Statistieken